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The COVID19 pandemic has forced many parents, teachers, and others to educate from their homes. The Free Speech Rules project can help you offer your children and students timely, interesting, and educational information during this difficult time. Scroll through the material below the videos for short descriptions and suggested student activities to fit into your lesson plans

7 Things You Should Know About Free Speech in Schools: Free Speech Rules



Do students have the right to say anything they want in school? Are students’ rights different when it comes to public vs. private schools? Are students’ rights to free speech the same across the country? This video looks at the seven rules of free speech in schools and helps your student understand what their free speech rights are. Watch the video here


Suggested activities:

  • Read the two Supreme Court decisions mentioned in the video – Tinker v. Des Moines School District and Morse v. Frederick.

  • Create an assignment in which your student develops a school newspaper article and then determines if the article is too controversial to be published.

  • Write an essay on what constitute “disruptive speech” and whether or not the Supreme Court should change the rules to protect such speech.

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